CANAEON GROUP consists of following business entities and educational non-government organizations (NGO) to create synergies for generating innovative business models and brings in positive global impact as well as social responsibility.

CANAEON GROUP started with capital management and venture capital business, the funds within the group not only create investment return, preserve wealth, diversify risks for the investors, but also bring in positive impact to the world.



Capital Management / Innovation Development Business

  • Canaan Capital – P.E. V.C. Fund
  • TXI Center – Tech x Inno. / Taiwan x Israel Cooperation & Investment Center
  • TXI Partners – Platform of AR/VR EcoSystem in Taiwan
  • TXI Waste-to-Energies Funds
  • SBANG Green Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Newman Venture Capital
  • CanaanEra FnB Ltd.
  • Cross Capital Group


Associated Educational NGO

  • EON Center (Israel)
  • Kang-Ning Educational Institute Group
  • Kang-Ning University
  • Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care & Management
  • Qing-Shu High School
  • Lu-Shin Senior High School


Capital Management / Innovation Development Business


TXI Center
 is the Eco-System of Disruptive Innovation for Entrepreneurs & Investors. TXI stands for Technology x Innovation, also means Taiwan x Israel. TXI center matches Israel’s innovation with Taiwan partners / investors, TXI Center will provide clients for Israel innovation to test the market and to work with Taiwan partners. Through market testing, both sides could adjust its business model and product to fit the market, if it is successful in market testing, TXI Center together with Taiwan partners will work with Israel to develop Asia and Global Chinese market with resources and funding. In summary, for Israel, TXI center is the gateway finding Taiwan partners for entering Asian & Global Chinese Market. For Taiwan, TXI Center is the platform to partner with Israel and invest in joint ventures from both sides.


CANAAN CAPITAL is a private equity / venture capital fund. It not only creates decent return, but also global impact to make your investment meaningful. The investment will include fixed assets for value protection and equities of companies for return enhancement. This unique investment strategy will produce cash flow and also value appreciation for investors. Canaan Capital not only invest on behalf of its investors, but also leverage its resources and other investors’ know-how to provide added values to all investors. It believes bring the investors in the front line and leverage investors resources will create more values for the whole investors as well as diversity the business risk and investment risk for the fund.



TXI Partners is the platform of AR/VR EcoSystem in Taiwan for developing industrial AVR applications and content, which is founded by Canaan Capital and joint venture with global AVR leader EON Reality, also cooperates with Israel AVR disruptive technologies. The Taiwan AVR EcoSystem by TXI Partners includes (A) AVR international courses conducted in different schools, (B) AVR talent pool and alumni, (C) AVR research alliance, (D) AVR development alliance, (E) AVR accelerator, (F) AVR Hardware / software / innovation integrator.   TXI Partners fully leverages the strength of Taiwan resources and global resources from EON Reality and Israel to make Taiwan a perfect base for global AVR business and markets.



TXI Eco is specialized in building and operating Waste-to-Values Ecosystem , including Waste-to-Energy power plants and RDF plants. TXI Eco will bring in disruptive green energy technology from Israel and different countries to Asia markets by using Taiwan as a testing field. This venture aims to solve 2 big problems of the world, which are waste problem and energy issues. The waste for generating power could come from biomass, construction waste, plastics and other kinds of waste, in addition to generating energy, there will also be generating by-products to be re-used in other fields. TXI Eco aims to build up an ecosystem for green energy and recycle business.



SBANG Green Energy (Taiwan) is a joint venture with a Thai group named Sbang Group which is specialized in building and operating Waste-to-Energy power plants and RDF plants. By this joint venture, TXI Center will bring in disruptive green energy technology from Israel to Asia markets by using Taiwan as a testing field. This venture aims to solve 2 big problems of the world, which are waste problem and energy issues. The waste for generating power could come from biomass, construction waste, plastics and other kinds of waste, in addition to generating energy, there will also be generating by-products to be re-used in other fields. In the near future, we aim to build up a ecosystem for green energy and recycle business.



Newman Venture Capital is focusing on technology cooperation between Israel, Taiwan and Global Chinese. It has close tie with Israel innovation platform and manage funding from Canaan Capital.The investment includes technology transfer from Israel, disruptive innovation from Israel, joint ventures between Israel, Taiwan and Global Chinese. Newman Venture Capital is one of the fund manager of Canaan Capital, focusing on managing Canaan Capital’s portfolios related to Israel. Most of Newman VC’s interest will be in education field, such as education technology, it leverage the schools resources from CANAEON GROUP to incubate and test the education technology or new education operational model.



Cross Capital Group provides investment consulting, financial education, and also invented its own educational online game,”Gifted Venture”, which players can simulate financial status with different life decisions, learn a balanced life. It teaches financial management skills, and also life values. Every decision made during the game will be analyzed by cloud so that teachers can teach students based on it. Cross Capital also provides training courses to financial institutions, the training topics includes investment portfolio management, asset/liability management, risk management, product innovation, product pricing, FinTech planning,…etc. It also provides advisory in FinTech investment for Canaan Capital and manage portfolios in FinTech for Canaan Capital.


DinerSky is a food & beverage social impact incubator. It is operated in schools, provides jobs to disadvantaged people and also provides meaningful after-school activities to students. DinerSky is an incubator for innovation in food & beverage, also a social enterprise.It normally will develop a big food court inside school, and hold music/cultural/spiritual activities for students. DinerSky also cooperate with schools to provide students intern jobs as well as entrepreneurship program, students could experience how to start up a food & beverage business, also could develop F&B innovations to be tested by students market before going into real markets. The shops of DinerSky can focus on innovation and management without worrying about revenue because schools normally provide a steady students demand in F&B.


Associated Educational NGO


EON Center (Israel) is the first educational NGO setup by Taiwanese in Israel. EON means “eternity” also stands for “Education of Nations”. Its vision is “Co-Education / Co-Innovation / Co-Evolution” around the world among different races, while starting with Global Chinese and Israeli due to the uniqueness of Chinese and Jewish education. Education is the only way to make the world better in a right way. Education is most important than any industry, because an industry can only change things in its own territory, but education can changes lives of people and have people to change every aspect of the world. Education is the hope for our next generation, and the best way to bring peace and cooperation among nations.



Kang-Ning University focuses on developing international talents for ICE (Innovation / Creativity / Entrepreneurship) through close cooperation with different industries and nations. The school has 2 campuses in Taipei and Tainan which also provides 3000 dorm rooms in total. The strength of the school is Health Care, Elderly Care, Medical Management, F&B Management, and Information Management. It focus on training students with practical professional skills which could be used by industries immediately. It also has close relationship with Israel education and founded a Center of Israel Study. Every year, the school will host students delegation from Israel to interact with other schools in Taiwan.


Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care and Management
is the school within the organization of Kang-Ning University. The school focuses on developing professionals in Medical Care, Elderly Care, Nursery, Early Childhood Education, which areas the school is ranked top in Taiwan and Greater China area; and being the role model. The graduates are usually recruited overseas, even to Singapore and Asia. The school also provides training program of elderly care to executives in the industry for Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Every year, China government officers and business owners of elderly care industry will come to school for training and educational program in elderly care business.



Qiang-Shu High School is famous for its graduates who are leaders in government, military, business, and academia areas. The school aims to equip students with skills and professionals instead of academic grades. Most of the graduates join the market place directly. The philosophy of the school is “Every student is unique and could be educated to become a great person in every areas”. The school was founded since Chin dynasty in Shanghai and has over hundred year history. After 1949, the school was also founded in Taipei and developed many famous and outstanding figures. The school also has a top ranked basketball team and baseball team which earn prizes every year.



Lu-Shin Senior High School is a academic driven school whose students are normally enter famous university for higher education.The school is located in south Taiwan and famous for its diversified education method and resources, the school also use technology to enhance education. Students have fruitful after-class activities to develop other skills and talents. The school is outstanding in educating arts, music and technology, it also uses education technology a lot in its management and teaching. The school provides dorms to students and develops a strong basketball team in south Taiwan. Due to its special education methodology, many graduates also enter overseas famous university for higher education.